About the company

Clear (Suzhou) Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (Clear) has been specializing in sewage treatment for 20 years with professional operation history in China and abroad. Clear is determined to bring the most environmental and economical toilets to the world and share its extensive experience in modularized sewage treatment from source(flushing water, restaurant water and shower water…)to disposal. Clear’s main products include Clear   Reinvented Toilet, Rotating Biological Contactor, Restaurant Oil Grease Trap,Industry Oil Grease trap, SW-Y Hospital Sewage Treatment, Pump and etc.

Clear’s vision is  ,  All lives have equal value , and its mission is to make every poor person have access to sanitary and safe toilets. To achieve its vision and mission, Clear zealously strive to make its Reinvented Toilets more accessible and affordable to people in China, Africa, Asia and other developing areas.

Mile stones & Honors

Acquired equity from JCP Capital Investment

Won the Best Practice Award in the 1st Reinvented Toilet Competition held by the Bill & Melinda 

Gates Foundation

Invited to participate in the rule discussion of ISO 30500

Won hot attention at the 2018 Beijing RT Expo and was invited to the private dinner of Mr. Bill Gates

Awarded as the Pioneer Talent of Changshu Economic and Technological Development

Important events
Investment Signing Ceremony
World Reinvented Toilet Expo, Beijing
3rd China Toilet Revolution Expo, Shanghai
Patent Summary
Patent No. Patent Name Date
1 201810910408.0 An Eco-toilet with Solid-liquid Separation 11 August 2018
2 201810910407.6 A Method and System for Manure Treatment 11 August 2018
3 201810910399.5 A Septic Equipment for Circulating Purification of Water 11 August 2018
4 201810909874.7 A Small Water Purification Device for Domestic Sewage Treatment 11 August 2018
5 201810910396.1 A Sewage Treatment System for Mobile Toilet 11 August 2018
6 201810926456.9 A Modular System Equipment for Black Water Circulation Treatment Technology 15 August 2018
7 201810960685.2 Oil-water separator for sewage pretreatment 22 August 2018
8 201810960711.1 Efficient Double Membrane Reactor 22 August 2018
9 201810961850.6 Double Membrane Reactor with Multi-Energy Complementarity 22 August 2018
10 201810978730.7 Modular Zero Emission System Based on Biological Rotary Disk and Biofilm Principle 27 August 2018
11 201810978727.5 Eco-toilet based on dual-mode treatment 27 August 2018
International Patents for Biofilm Law (USA and Ireland)
Third party testing report
Our Partners
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